Cheap Shot

As seen on IGN's Next Game Boss show, Cheap Shot is a game that's all about something we all know real well: frustration. You need to get where you're going and everyone's in your way! When they're not looking, sucker punch 'em out of your path, but don't get caught or it's GAME OVER!
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Helmet Biker
Big Biker
Boss Biker
Konbini Clerk
Steamer Punk

Crumb Catcher

A game about beards and crumbs and the horror (and fun) that occurs when the two collide is coming soon to an iPhone or iPad near you. Note: Crumb Catcher is still coming, but it's on hiatus while we work on Cheap Shot.
Crumb Catcher!
Miles Nielsen of
Chris Harback of Secret Arts
Hillbilly Beard
Metal Mutton Chops
Lumberjack Beard
Sailor Beard
Miles Beard
Chris Beard
Miles 8-bit Style
Chris 8-bit Style
Special Reward: Papua New Guinea Beard Mug