Current Project: MotoKata

MotoKata is a motorcycle duel or die contest. Go head-on against your opponent in a character-rich 80’s wasteland. 2-player local with network and single-player planned.  MotoKata is being developed in collaboration with artists Lexie Mason-Davis and  Jenny Graf.




Prior Release: Smooth Operator for iOS

Smooth Operator is a two player game for iPhone or iPad that  requires squeezing in close as both players engage simultaneously on the SAME device creating an awkward faux-intimacy.  Caution: graphic animated tongues and bizarre kissing super moves.  Art by Miles Nielsen and soundtrack by Montgomery Word!



JAM GAMES! We love game jams.  Here’s some games we’ve made.

Ludum Dare 35  Shapeshift

Sheepshift  Every weekend Stew the were border collie gets out there in a field and shifts sheep. It’s super authentic, kinda like making your own pickles. And Stew’s ancestors were all about shifting sheep… well, at least on the were border collie side of his family  Music by Montgomery Word.


Play Sheepshift


Acute Clinic  Want to help people shift that shape in the center of their face? Then visit Dr. Acute’s Aesthetic Medicine Clinic. You play as the doctor. You want to help your clients and make them happy, but paying the bills is also important.  Everyone likes acute triangle! Created in collaboration with SpideyJ!

Play Acute Clinic



Ludum Dare 33  You Are the Monster

Surf Monster  Surf’s up, surf monsters!  You’re the raddest Dracula in town, and you like nothing better than catching a wave! But dang, bro! All those other loser Draculas are totally bogus and just wanna spoil it for you so watch out as they fly toward you! Art by Miles Nielsen, music by Montgomery Word. It got featured on Kill Screen: BEFORE SUMMER ENDS, DRACULA WANTS TO GO TO THE BEACH




Monster Date  Play the game as a <monster> seeking a <monster>. Monster selections include: Mummy; Wolfman; Bride; Horta; Medusa; and Frankenstein. Will you find true love? It’s short- replay it a bunch to see monster specific themes/interactions. Music by Montgomery Word.

Play Monster Date

splash screen2


Ludum Dare 32 – Unconventional Weapon

Intergalactic Alien Boy Band Conquest  You have been kidnapped by aliens. They want your help in subduing the human race and taking over Earth. What is the weapon they will use to overcome the people of earth? A boy band powerful enough to induce a global swoon.  This game was made with Twine in a hurry. Choose Hair, Attitude, and Style to assemble your boy band weapon. 3x3x3 –> 27 combinations. You can win this game and overcome the aliens, or you can lose and the aliens take over earth. In a third outcome, the aliens think you did a bad job and make you choose to try again or accept death. It also got featured on Kill Screen:  THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE ALL TRUE IN THIS BOY BAND DRESS-UP GAME

Play Intergalactic Alien Boy Band Conquest




Mystic Stickup It’s a splendid night for a walk! But wouldn’t you know it? A ruffian! Break out your mystic amulet and put your years of training to use!  Use the two keys shown at the top of the screen to swing your mystic amulet of hypnotism back and forth.  *Hypnotism is hard, so the keys you’ll need to use will keep changing.*  Art by Miles Nielsen. Featured on Kill Screen: MYSTIC STICKUP HAS A PLAN TO SOLVE CRIME…WITH HYPNOTISM

Play Mystic Stickup




Ludum Dare 30 – Connected Worlds

The Great Space Ambassador  Great Space Ambassador was our first menu-driven game.  In brainstorming we got very hung up on robots connecting to “Seal the Deal.”  We kind of threw all categories to the wind in favor of humor, and got ranked #33 out of thousands of games.  Art by Miles Nielsen.

Play The Great Space Ambassador


Ludlum Dare 28 – You Only Get One

You Only Get One Bullet  You’re humanity’s last hope against the invading forces who are dead-set on conquering your planet! But somehow your research and development team only managed to make you ONE BULLET to use against the invaders, so you’ll have to go pick it up after firing it– in the meantime, you’re DEFENSELESS against the disgusting alien lunatics. And waiting behind wave after wave of slobbering abominations is the boss itself!

Play You Only Get One Bullet



Ludum Dare 27 – Ten Seconds

Second Base  When the theme was “Ten Seconds” we knew we could NOT do something time-based.  Second Base is about getting to second base ten times (ten second bases)–and you get to second base by mastering first base.  This was the genesis for Smooth Operator.  Art by Miles Nielsen.


Legendary Fishing Jam

Fishing for Parasites  Fishing for Parasites was totally coded in Processing (!) for the Legendary Fishing Jam.  It’s a game about using an endoscope to ‘fish’ for parasites in your patient’s GI tract. Guide the endoscope using the keyboard keys. Touch the sides of their insides and DEAD. Double back on your endoscopic cable and DEAD. In true arcade game fashion, things get faster as you keep playing, and the parasites go deeper and deeper into the intestines.

Play Fishing for Parasites.

parasites 2